• Brahimi, Roslane
    [ Rig HSE Specialist ]
    1. Baker Hughes
    2. Integrated Operations | IRAQ

    Dear Gents,
    I find myself writing to you my gratitude for Numerous Catering Rig 27 a tremendous efforts when preparing not only a wonderful meal; but for the many occasions.
    They have excelled them self, I acknowledge also the time and patience that Mr. Soran & Chief Mohamed put into preparing of meal time for Rig Staff, the Meal is very delicious and especially tasty when Chief came; this observation & comments from the extra
    services companies as well.

    I Noticed also the high effort from room boy and the good housekeeping in camp. Again, I appreciate the efforts of Expats or Locals Catering Staff. Many Thanks & Best Wishes. Your Sincerely
    Roslane Brahimi / Rig HSE Specialist

  • Senouci Yekhlef Company Man
    1. Basra, Iraq

    l would like to commend the catering team as they have been performing their duties extremely well, for the last month everybody is very pleased with the improving in quality of food and the spirit that staff have. Everything here up to the standard that we expect from a company like AI-Gharraf.

    The quality of services was always with a smile, all our people feel homely. The menu and food choices were indeed remarkable here with daily varieties of food and display, also I would like to express the diligence and professiona! attitude of all the backup team with us in giving all the best. Everybody is satisfied, the excellent performance by all the staff and the hard work that they do especially delivering the food from site to site also in Ramadan time.

    On behalf of the crew as a Rig Manager, I feel really good and proud to be working and sharing situation onboard in a very honest and safe manner, We're the crew of Rig 32 wish them all the best success in their coming days and our sincere gratitude towards their contribution in keeping us cheering up, all the best and well done, keep it up.

    Ramadan Karim
    Thanks AI-Gharraf Catering Staff

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